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Main Events - Performance Rules


  • The use of GLITTER, flash powder, fake blood, fireworks, lasers, electrical flashes, smoke machines, silly string, liquids (such as from a water pistol) or any other effect that may cause potential damage, by the entrant are PROHIBITED due to Fire Marshal and the Event Hotel regulations. No exceptions unless otherwise stated IN WRITING by express permission of the convention.


  • Neither weapons (including blades and functioning firearms) nor use of fire effects are permitted in the convention space. Please refer to Fantasm’s Prop/Weapon policy to see what items are permitted.
  • If your show includes stage combat, please contact Fantasm directly to receive permission in writing. Failing to do so prior to Fantasm can result in a show’s cancellation.
  • Weapons used by express permission of the convention in stage shows transported through public areas must be in opaque containers. 


  • No open containers are permitted on or around any technical equipment.
    No one is permitted on Tech Ops without permission from the Main Events Manager.


  • All performers are to check in with the Main Events Manager prior to their show’s call time (to be specified when scheduled) with their Fantasm Performer Pass.
    • If you need to use the restroom, please check in with the Main Events Manager first, even if it is a verbal “I’m here and I’ll be right back!”
    • Tardiness can result in a show needing to cut content for time, and extreme tardiness can result in a show’s cancellation.


  • Keep track of your belongings. Personal items are not to be left all over the room or backstage in order to maximize space and prevent injury.
    • We encourage the use of bins or bags to keep personal items organized.
    • Fantasm is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
    • No personal items are to be stored in Main Events outside of the show’s allotted time slot. If you have large props that are difficult to move, please contact the Main Events Manager to make arrangements, if possible. If you fail to do so prior to Fantasm, you will be responsible for storing any and all large props.


  • If you do not have a Fantasm Performer Pass, you will not be permitted in Main Events until the doors open to regular attendees.
  • No one without a badge/wristband for Fantasm will be permitted into Main Events.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There will be only ONE performer pass per individual performer regardless of how many shows they are in. 
  • Performer passes are NOT transferable!


  • Any music for your show MUST be brought to Fantasm in .mp3 format on a flash drive. Personal phones or computers will not be accepted. 
  • There MUST be a designated sound tech for your show who is familiar with any cues.
  • Have the music selections arranged on the drive in show order and clearly labeled in case of a last-minute change in personnel.
  • Technology can be unpredictable, and drives can get lost, so we recommend having a backup flash drive with an identically set up playlist.
  • Seating music is not required from the shows, as seating/atmospheric music will be provided by Fantasm.


  • If your show requires video, please inform Fantasm when you submit your show. 
  • Main Events does not have the ability to play video at this time, so your show will need to be scheduled in a room that has video access. If you do not inform Fantasm of any video you may have, it will not be shown.


  • There will be a limited number of microphones available to performers. These could include wired/wireless handheld microphones, or headsets, based on availability. As technology can be unpredictable, please be prepared to be heard without microphones.


  • Each show will be given an allotted amount of time between the call time and when the audience is brought in (10-15 minutes prior to show time, dependent on length of line). This is the time for any setup or run-throughs of acts/scenes. Please, plan accordingly. If your troupe runs long during this period and starts late, you may be asked to cut show elements for time. This is to prevent other shows and events from running behind as a result.


  • If you are running a Burlesque show, performers are not to leave Main Events unless fully clothed.
  • While identification will be checked prior to entering the show, identification is not required for public spaces within and without the convention space.
  • A robe or kimono is acceptable when exiting Main Events.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact Jamie Rich, Fantasm Main Events Manager, at

September 15 - 17, 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL
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